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To be or not to be ethically correct

Eco Warrior Lily Cole

Eco Warrior Lily Cole

Two blog posts ago I discussed my commitment to be more Ethically aware when it comes to my fashion buying habits, (The Sustainable Fashion Handbook is on it’s way to my mailbox as we speak), but you’ll soon realize that being Ethical doesn’t just stop at the clothes you put on your back, it has the potential to affect the way you live your life period, from the food you eat to the products you use on your skin; it’s inescapable and that is just your body.

“ Understanding nature, how we relate to it and understanding our bodies better is key in making progress in terms of sustainability”


Not that I was unaware of the fair-trade movement in food and cosmetic companies like The Body Shop’s efforts against animal testing. When you dig a little deeper, it suddenly hits you how important it all is and how much more work needs to be done. Yep, it’s not easy being an eco warrior princess. Continue reading “To be or not to be ethically correct” »

Top 4 Books on Ethical Fashion for the novice

If you’re a bookworm like I am then this list is for you. I am on a personal mission to be as well informed as I can be about the Ethical Fashion movement and making the right changes in my fashion buying habits. I plan on eradicating my wardrobe of all its shameful fabrics, by donating them to the right charities.

“Time to leave the foolish choices of the past behind and look to the future.” (Carrie Bradshaw)

Yes, I pledge allegiance to becoming an Eco Fashion Warrior. Understanding sustainable fashion and everything that goes with it can be a bit of a challenge but there are tons of Ethical Fashion experts who are there to educate us, including our very own Kitty Ferreira.

Valerie Goode founder of Kitty Ferreira was herself inspired to create a fashion label whose mantra was to embrace ethical values in Fashion Design and manufacturing. After seeing the devastation of the manufacturing industry while she worked in China as a senior designer, she thought it best to start her label whilst back in the UK. Here, she subsequently sources and makes all her products and dyes her materials, keeping the label’s carbon footprint as low as possible whilst doing her bit for the economy by supporting UK manufacturing. The silks used for Kitty Ferreira’s collections are eco dyed by hand using only Mother Nature’s ingredients. This means no toxins enter nature’s waters. Continue reading “Top 4 Books on Ethical Fashion for the novice” »